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There are a lot of keywords floating around the wedding photography industry to describe the type of style the photographer takes on. I’m sure you’ve heard them all: Photojournalism, editorial, documentary, fine art, etc. I find it MUCH easier to just explain here what my style is rather than give it one or two descriptive words. I like to think that my style is a mix of  “story telling”, “portraiture” That said, the bottom line – I LOVE DOCUMENTING HUMANS. So lets break down what that actually means:

My approach (a typical wedding day):

(keep in mind this is just meant to illustrate my approach to documenting the day, and I love when couples go “off script” and do things completely different, ie: no wedding party, smaller intimate weddings, etc.)

I take a very hands off approach to wedding photography (until it comes to family portraits+couples portraits). I like to cover the full day from preparations on until just after the first dance. During the getting ready process, I like to just blend in as another guest – so you don’t feel awkward with me sneaking around the room silently or giving you a million cues and directions. Apart from occasionally suggesting you place yourself in a spot in the room that has better light, I really don’t direct at this point.

My stay at the wedding preparations lasts for two or two and a half hours. For me it is one of

the most beautiful parts of the day. I have the opportunity to narrate through my photos the

interaction of all the people gathered in the event (bride, groom, parents, friends, bridesmaids

and guests are only some), the atmosphere and the emotions.

The final part - the only one I direct- is shooting the timeless and classical family photos.

As time passes and the ceremony comes closer, I refrain from directing. I record my own

way what happens and I try to capture as many expressions from your loved ones as possible.

Wedding Photography Nafplio, φωτογράφηση γάμου Ναύπλιο

The pre-party shooting dedicated to the couple exclusively, comes after the ceremony. In this chapter I encourage the couple to hug, relax and enjoy the uniqueness of the moment. I try to read each couple’s vibe to see what makes them feel more comfortable so that they can enjoy the process (even more)

It's party time! At this segment I look for moments and emotions to be captured the right time. Group photos for you and your family! The memories taking life anytime are so powerful!

My style

As for the delivery of my photos, the coloured ones score an 80% rate while the rest of them are delivered in black and white.

The feel of the photos will directly relate to the energy of the day, if your day is full of laughter and silliness – it will totally shine through in the images, just like if the day is quiet, intimate and gentle – the photos will encompass this vibe.