Wedding destination – Kithnos

As a wedding destination, Kithnos  is the gift of summer to your love story and the ideal way to celebrate your life together.

We love the aura of this island, especially for a destination wedding in Greece, as well as the combination of the summer holidays feeling with the white and the blue of the greek islands. Couples are in a great mood as they are in the mood for a holiday, as well as a celebration with friends beyond their wedding day and a shared experience!

We love the relief of Kythnos, the bare, sun-baked slopes of its low hills, the play of the afternoon light on them as you travel along the main road along the island’s backbone. Kythnos, the island of simplicity and hospitality and it will most certainly lead you to Cycladic paths, to whitewashed settlements, to the beautiful villages of Hora and Dryopidae, and to 99 beaches that will make you quickly realize that you are on a terrestrial paradise and a truly beautiful wedding destination in Greece